I’ve known Maria since we were both sales managers at Fuji Xerox Australia in 1999 and have worked with her since on various sales-force development initiatives. Underneath her invariably calm and considered exterior is an incisive mind, a strong understanding of sales strategy and very considerable team-building, leadership and motivation skills.
Paul Howdle, Managing Consultant at Directional

Maria is a strong sales leader who has great capacity to build effective sales teams. Maria’s strengths lie in her ability to get across detail as well as create sales strategies for her teams. She generates loyalty from her sales teams and can collaborate with other parts of the organisation to get the necessary outcomes for her customers.
Louise Kovacs, Managing Director at Madston Black Singapore

I have had the pleasure of working with Maria for seven years. Maria’s vision and drive transforms sales teams, she is a inspiring sales leader who generates loyalty from all of those that work with her. Maria has unique qualities, her enthusiasm and passion drives sales teams to be successful.
Sandra Whyman, Business Development Manager at Fuji Xerox Australia