Executive/Leadership Coaching

There are a multitude of reasons why this program will help you have the success you deserve and more enjoyment in your job and life every day.

  1. You are new in your role and need structured guidance to shape your sales approach or sales leadership style and your team.
  2. You have been identified as talent or earmarked for an executive position and require development in a few areas to maximise the opportunity when it arises
  3. You have been in your role for a while and some “niggly” feedback keeps coming back from your peers and/or your team and it needs to be sorted out
  4. You have been in your role for a while and need some fresh perspective to re-invigorate yourself or the team
  5. You are heading towards retirement and a smooth transition for both you and business is a key success factor for both.
  6. You know it all but success is not forthcoming and you are angry and frustrated.

Upside coaching can incorporate a 3 dimensional survey tool for your individual assessment and a 360-degree survey to provide feedback from your direct manager, peers and direct reports. This provides a good baseline for the sessions. Maria’s is experienced in handling a variety of skills and personalities across a broad spectrum of roles in an organsation.

The Upside Group Mentoring and coaching program for $5,000 excl GST (6×1.5hour sessions with clear goals and outcomes for you)

  • It elevates your goals and expands the dimensions of your role so you can truly start realising your potential and enjoy what you are doing
  • Provides fresh perspective to personal and business challenges and create a plan of attack you can work with
  • Improvement in performance and feeling congruent with what you are doing
  • Correct behaviours that may cause some niggly issues and potential performance concerns


“Of all knowledge the wise and good seek most to know themselves” William Shakespeare

3 Benefits of Executive/Leadership Coaching:

Develop true baseline for leadership and personal development

Leverage your key strengths

Realise your true potential