Business Coaching

As executives and sales leaders we focus on driving our businesses to achieve goals every day. We run fast, we talk fast, we make decisions fast and we are time poor. When and how do we find time to evaluate and work on the business and assess what we need to do next or more or less of?

I work with you to structure an effective and realistic baseline, identifying where you are at with the sales organisation (warts and all), being the sounding board/mentor and assisting in developing a working strategy and plan for the future whilst keeping you focused on the ball.

Before embarking on a business mentoring coaching journey consider the following;

  • Working smart and working hard can sometimes be two different things
  • Improve the experience (not just the product) and every body wins
  • The most dangerous phrase in our language is “we’ve always done it this way”

There are many benefits to this type of mentoring and coaching. We provide strategic and tactical advise and we act as a sounding board to executives an sales leaders working through tricky challenges and issues and assists with recruitment, on boarding and challenging performance management issues.

“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. We must learn to see the world anew” Einstein

I offer a standard program which includes a Discovery phase and an Implementation phase. I work in the business with you deliver the key milestones.

Business Mentoring and Coaching (part-time GM) 3 or 6  month program 1 day per week

3 month program         $3,600 per month ex GST or $900 per week

6 months program       $3,400 per month ex GST or $800 per week

I also provide tailored programs please contact me on 0419 692935 or to discuss your requirements.

3 Benefits of Business Coaching:

Discover the next step for your business

Sanity check on business health

Identify and develop strategic approach to business challenges