The Upside Group business advisory’s main focus is building pro-active and motivated high performance sales environments where you have consistent winning high performance over a long period of time. From experience, we have found that the biggest challenge, and often the main roadblock to change, is not the development of a sales strategy as such but the implementation and embedding of the strategy in an effective way that resonates through out the whole sales organisation.  It is a known fact that only 1 in 3 strategies and sales strategies are effectively and successfully implemented and there are many reasons why a strategy may fail.

Two main reasons are, in effecting change we must look at the organisation holistically and change needs to be consistent and congruent in both communication and behaviour across the whole organisation over a long period of time. There are many steps in creating a pro-active, positive high performance sales environment and it does take some time and focus from all stakeholders; sales people, sales leaders and executives alike. The Upside Group works with you to make the change simpler, clear and transparent. Firstly, we identify what is working well today and what the key inhibitors to change are. Secondly we review the current sales culture, sales leadership style and capability and the overall drivers for motivation and performance.  We work at each layer of the organisation to understand what the key underlying individual motivators and de-motivators are that drives behaviour.  We will then provide you with a Health posture of the sales business and an action plan that will improve the posture to an agreed level in a step-by-step program to achieve your goals.

We have a proven process which leads to results:

  1. Identify the current HEALTH posture of the business areas in question
  2. Put an action plan in place to improve the posture to an agreed level
  3. Manage the plan to the extent agreed

See our detailed process.

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist to invigorate your resources, energise and inspire your employees to perform and achieve the results your organisation wants.

3 Benefits of Advisory:

Alignment of business lines

Transparency over current business health

End to end solution