Our Process

We have a proven process which leads to results. The Upside Group delivers success through a proven process. We know that when the process is followed, so too will the results for your business.

From a top line perspective there are 3 areas that need to be successfully carried out:

  1. Identify the current HEALTH posture of the business areas in question
  2. Put an action plan in place to improve the posture to an agreed level
  3. Manage the plan to the extent agreed



The below process forms the core of the advisory work The Upside Group will do with you. It is through this process that we will help deliver your organisation’s success:

  • Executing the Engagement Model
    1. Purpose of engagement
    2. Agree on project scope
    3. Resources
    4. Timeline and cost
    5. Sign Consulting agreement for Discovery Phase
  • Executing the Discovery Model
    1. Before we start: Establish an executive sponsor and a Communications plan with the sponsor
    2. Kick off meeting: Introduction by sponsor, scope and expectations, timeline, outline process we use and seek agreement to have access to the group and their staff for meetings and/or workshops during the engagement. General email to whole organisation to outline purpose and scope of project
    3. Interview of key staff – 30 min sessions
    4. Discovery workshop(s): 1 session to capture information, 1 session to validate the work created (2 x 1⁄2 days total)
    5. Data Collection:
      • Financials including P&L, cashflow and costing models organisational structure
      • Process maps
      • Sales plan including coverage strategy, sales performance and targets
      • Competitive, industry and market analysis
    6. Analyse information and data: we will provide a report which includes assessment of the business’ current state including key problem areas, risks and an action plan with high level priorities and suggested next steps
  • Executing the Improvement Model
    1. Scope: Review findings from Discovery phase and agree on priority project(s)
    2. Consulting Agreement: Reach agreement on timeline, resources, expected outcomes , sponsor, reporting and cost
    3. Create Change Plan: Set milestones, expected outcomes and timeline
    4. Execute Improvement Phase: Kick off meeting with Sponsor to set project expectations and outline role of The Upside Group.
    5. Implement: Document, test and validate, train and implement changes
    6. Measure: Create measures and report for changes, train and implement
    7. Analyse: Review, test & adjust and close project
  • Executing Closure Model
    1. Background to the engagement and agreed executed scope
    2. Detailed report covering goals achieved against the agreed executed scope
    3. Assets developed during the process provided to you in digital format
    4. Intellectual property and confidentiality
    5. Cost benefit analysis
    6. Consulting fee – invoicing
    7. Proposed next steps

Although the process will never change, the scope and level of involvement can change to suit your budget.