Our People

Maria Nordstrom is at the helm of The Upside Group and takes a hands on consulting approach with your organisation. She has over 25 years’ experience as a Business leader, sales professional, and board member.

For the past 18 years, she has worked as a senior executive with a proven track record in successfully and consistently building high performing organisations and cultures. She achieved this through the use of both standard and innovative leadership methodologies, developing and leading high performing individuals and teams.

Her leadership style fosters a culture of trust and empowerment, resulting in improved staff retention and engagement. While Maria uses proven techniques for leadership and coaching, her work is anchored in the reality of day-to-day business demands and challenges.

Maria has extensive expertise in organisational and sales strategy development and execution consistently, delivering solid financial management, effective sales planning and execution, people and performance management and tactical marketing.

Maria’s signature leadership style drives transformation and change, whilst creating a culture of innovation and creativity.

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Operationalisation of corporate strategy imbedding and bringing strategy to life creating accountability and empowerment in each team and individual contributor.
  • Alignment of sales strategies and structures to meet organisational goals.
  • Sales transformation to create highly engaged and high performing teams where accountability is key to success.
  • Mentoring, coaching, training and development of key talent, succession planning and fast tracked individuals from senior executives to middle management. Maria’s coaching style is challenging and energetic which tends to drive good follow up and implementation from the learning.
  • Creating synergies within a team and teams with opposing objectives and goals.
  • Performance management coaching of high and talented performers who would be considered disruptive to overall team culture and morale.