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We, at The Upside Group work in 3 key areas; Business Advisory, Mentoring & Coaching and delivering and facilitating Training programs/workshops.  Having created High Performance Teams, we understand the challenge ahead of any organisation or team.  No manual is ever going to give you the Magic Key, only experience and guidance will help you get there.  Ultimately, you will create an organisation where your strategy, people and customers are in sync.  This will lead to sustainable growth and success. However, this takes time and consistent effort to achieve. Before we engage with you, we need you to truly consider you own investment and time required to achieve these outcomes.   Our engagement starts with a 30 minute discussion and overview which is followed by a 2 hour executive workshop. From this we create an engagement map with key priorities and an action plan.

So what do we do?

  • Lead and guide you through the required change and transformation
  • Build and implement effective strategies for organic and acquisition growth
  • Create effective Operational plans and implement them with you and your people
  • Implement operational cadence and effective sales tools to manage sales rhythm including pipeline management and forecasting
  • Mentor business owners and executives in building effective strategies, profitable commercial and go to market models and best practise operational management.
  • Mentor and coach to improve job performance, create effective sales and deal strategies, assist in contract negotiation and work with you to map your career through mentoring and coaching.  We work with you to understand why are you not performing and how to overcome blockages and learnt behaviours that are not delivering results.  We assist in developing key account engagement and account planning and provide deal coaching….and more.

We have successful track records as senior leaders/executives in large corporations, particularly in the field of change management and transformation. We want to help you achieve success without having to experience painful mistakes and setbacks and to be the 1 organisation in 3 who successfully transition to a High Performance Organisation.

Others talk about success we deliver results!

50+ years experience
$2bn+ sales mentored
100’s people mentored & coached

Service Overview

The Upside Group delivers success through 3 major service lines:

We work with you to develop and implement effective business strategy for sustained growth

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Customised workshops for specific business issues

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Coach/mentor management and/or staff to reach business or personal growth goals

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Our Process

We have a proven process which leads to results. We know when the process is followed, so will the results for your business. From a top line perspective there are 3 areas that need to be successfully carried out:

  1. Identify the current HEALTH posture of the business area in question
  2. Put an action plan in place to improve the posture to an agreed level
  3. Manage the plan to the extent agreed.

The below process forms the core of the advisory work The Upside Group will do with you. It is through this process that we will help deliver you business success:

  • Executing the Engagement Model (consulting agreement)
  • Executing the Discovery Model (workshops, interviews and data collection)
  • Executing the Improvement Model (refine/create processes)
  • Executing Closure Model (formally close the consulting process after the above has been achieved)

All though the process will never change the scope and level of involvement can change to suit your budget.

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...Underneath her invariably calm and considered exterior is an incisive mind, a strong understanding of sales strategy and very considerable team-building, leadership and motivation skills.

Paul Howdle

Maria's strengths lie in her ability to get across detail as well as create sales strategies for her teams. She generates loyalty from her sales teams and can collaborate with other parts of the organisation...

Louise Kovacs

Maria's vision and drive transforms sales teams, she is a inspiring sales leader who generates loyalty from all of those that work with her. Maria has unique qualities, her enthusiasm and passion...

Sandra Whyman

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